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Charles Rowley :

Many members have seen a photocopied book published by Charles Rowley. 

The book contains over 705 Australian dance scripts. The Geelong Ballroom has recently purchase 2 x A4 copies for members to use but you may like your own copy.

History: Christmas 1999 I designed the book (104 dances we did) and gave a copy to each couple for Christmas that were with us at our Epping Dance not expecting to print any more. 

Within 5 days I was getting phone calls from everywhere that my student had danced from dancers that had seen the book how can we get a copy so I decided to print more as they were requested 

To date some 22 years it has grown to 705 dances in each book, I have personally printed and folded each book  

And have now sold 4525 which included 70 of the A4 books, this is all none profit I just cover the cost of equipment and paper and ink etc. 

Should you find any dances not in the book you do, please let me know and I will add them to the next edition 

Copies of the book have gone to every state, and New Zealand and one lady took 2 books back to England with her 

To purchase a book just email Charles, mention Geelong Ballroom, and he will send you details to order a copy.



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