The Sixties are Back!

It was like we travelled through time at the Geelong Ballroom on April 30, when we had our Back to the 60’s theme night.

A great crowd of over 60 dancers came to celebrate in their 1960’s inspired clothing. Even our music host, Margot got into the spirit, and not only dressed for the occasion, but all the music for the evening was from the 60’s. So we waltzed, foxtrotted and tangoed across the floor dressed in theme with music from those times.

The Ballroom was decked out appropriately, and we had visits from Elvis (and a number of impersonators), Sonny & Cher, Fonzie, Paul McCartney, John & Yoko and lots of others.

Along with the usual program of over 30 sequence dances, the night also included 1960s free style music and dances between the brackets.

The fun evening included photos of participants from those golden years, do you think you could match photos of people from 60 years ago? It wasn’t easy!

Each table had lyrics from songs of the era on, and guest were asked to read the lines. While this started sedately enough, it soon turned into guests singing, performing to the song, and soon the crowd was getting into the spirit, joining into the rendition of Roy Orbison’s Crying, I was alright for a while, I could smile for a while, But I saw you last night, you held my hand so tight, As you stopped to say, "Hello". I think there may even of been the odd tear in the eye at this point.

The Geelong Ballroom Dance Club runs a dance every Saturday night, and most nights we have dance classes with different instructors to cater for all levels of skill.

Saturday nights start at 7:30 with entry $10. Contact or call 5278 9740 for more detail. A great night is guaranteed for all.

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