The Geelong Ballroom - Social Events – 2024

Dear Members,

The Ballroom would like to encourage a little more social interaction away from the ballroom floor in Hamlyn Reserve so what better way to do it than to come along to our next event.  Simply organise tickets for yourself and/or a group for the night indicated for the event, purchase your tickets and DONE! It’s that easy. 

You need to book asap as tickets for this date are selling fast!!!

Let Peter know you’ve booked and he will, if you are interested, book a reasonable priced venue to meet before the show at 5.30pm to dine together.

Come along and have a great night out with The Geelong Ballroom members.

Contact Peter if you have any concerns.

Thanks - Peter

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to all the member who went to STRICTLY BALLRROM - 1st Feb.

There is still time to come to Ballroom Blitz.


Ballroom Blitz!




  • Wed, 27 Mar 2024   07:30pm


  • Full Price$89.90
  • Concession$84.90


Get ready to experience the ultimate dance extravaganza with Ballroom Blitz, the latest sensation from the visionary producers of "Celtic Illusion."

Choreographed by the remarkable Aric Yegudkin, three-time Dancing with the Stars champion, this show is a breathtaking fusion of elegance, energy and mind-blowing ballroom dance.

Ballroom Blitz sees traditional ballroom dance meet cutting-edge choreography, producing a mesmerising display of skill and passion. Be awestruck as Aric Yegudkin's artistry takes centre stage, creating a spectacle where rhythm meets romance, passion ignites the dance floor, and you are transported into a world where every step tells a story, and every move ignites the senses.

Featuring breathtaking costumes, lighting and stage design fused with heart-pounding music performed by our live band, this show will set the stage on fire as the dancers create moments of pure enchantment, a testament to the incredible world of dance.

Ballroom Blitz will leave you spellbound, reminding you that the possibilities are limitless when it comes to dance. This is ballroom dance unleashed!